The following workshops are suitable for 3 to 6 years old.

Duration: 45 minutes

(1) Mini- Molecules

An introduction to the world of molecules. Make gas
molecules, watch a volcano erupt and do chemical reactions with solids, liquids and gases.

(2) Simple Sounds

An introduction to the science of sound. Feel your
voice vibrate, make a sound wave, stop sound and have fun with noise.

(3) Magnetic Moments

Why do shopping lists and drawings stick to the fridge? Have fun with magnets and go fishing for bugs.

(4) The Mystery of Me

Explore the mysteries of how your body works. Why do we still feel dizzy after we stop spinning? Why is our skin stretchy? What do our muscles, heart and lungs do?

Each of the above workshops include a take home science experiment.

GST is applicable on all bookings.

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